This charter aims to promote a constructive relationship between the Consulate General and its users, with a view to the overall well-being.


1. Provide a quality service to all service users without any form of discrimination.

2. Treat service users in a professional, fair and impartial manner and with courtesy and respect.

3. Provide a healthy and safe environment, with facilities that meet the basic needs of users, including those with special needs.

4. Provide accurate and current information, using clear and simple language by phone, in person, or through our website.

5. Protect service users’ information and personal data and facilitate access to private interview rooms.

6. Strive to provide an efficient and timely service.

7. Dispose the necessary means for feedback and comments on our services and employees; treat the comments seriously, quickly, fairly and impartially; and provide responses as appropriate.

8. Put into practice the measures needed for the continuous improvement of our services.


1. Cooperate in achieving the desired quality standards in our provision.

2. Treat all employees of the Consulate General with respect and good manners and to recognise the employee´s right to dignity at work.

3. Collaborate in maintaining a healthy and safe environment and to have consideration to fellow users with special needs.

4. Make use of the available means to collect the information required to handle your affairs.

5. Provide authentic information and personal data and to respect fellow users’ privacy.

6. Comply with the information and guidance received as well as the established deadlines.

7. Make use of the available means to present your comments on our services and employees. We thank you for complaints as well as solutions.

8. Give us your feedback to help us improve our services.